Advice from Donna McCloskey, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs, School of Business Administration

We Still Have So Much to Give to Others—Consider How to Share Your Time Now That Your Nest Is Newly Empty

After years of bedtime stories, car seats, homework, carpools, chores, lessons, laundry (so much laundry!), and chaos—our nest is now empty. And it's kind of fabulous!

We have to remind ourselves that it's time for our children to fly. Instead of offering advice, as parents, we try to listen first and then ask, "What do you think you should do about that?". Now is the time for them to learn from other mentors, like roommates, professors, coaches and employers.

We've also learned that we still have so much to give to others. My husband is coaching a youth sports team and I'm volunteering with an organization to help first generation students navigate the college application process.

If you are looking for ways to share your time now that your child is out of the nest, consider partnering with the university. If you're interested in providing an internship or co-op experience, mentoring, participating in mock interviews, or speaking to a student group, I would love to connect.

Also, I'm thrilled to no longer have to wash sports uniforms!

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