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It can be a challenging time to navigate through college for both you and your student. That's why we are here to help answer your questions and provide guidance along the way. We aim to provide resources to our parents and families to aid in your student's journey as they encounter academic, career, and life choices.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Sending off your student to college can bring on plenty of strong feelings and emotions, including uncertainty. It's natural to have so many questions, so we have gathered a list of our most asked and answered them to help you succeed in your student's collegiate journey. 

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Helpful Contacts

Our Widener community is equipped with an extensive network of people that are rooting for the success of your student. Whether you need to get in contact with someone about financial aid, student affairs, or the well-being of your student, there is a team waiting to show their support.

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Parent to Parent Advice

The number one thing to remember as your student navigates through college is that you're not alone! Many families are going through the same thing as you—even our faculty and staff! Read what our campus experts have to share on navigating and supporting their college students and recent college graduates. 

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    Conversations With Your Student

    Before your student sets off on their journey to college, it's important to sit down with them and have conversations surrounding mental health, drugs & alcohol, and being a good roommate/neighbor. These conversations can sometimes feel awkward or you might not be sure where to start. No worries, we've done the hard work for you and outlined a few points to bring up when you are ready to have a heart-to-heart.