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Advice from Joanne Caione-Keating, AVP Learning and Client Experience, Library & Information Services

Part-Time Jobs on Campus Gives a Great Feeling of Belonging to the Pride

In addition to joining lots of clubs and attending events, encourage your child to get a part-time job on campus. They will quickly find that it gives a great feeling of belonging to the Pride. They will not only make money and friends, but they will have the opportunity to get involved in resume-quality work and meet people they can count on for employment references.

Tell your student how important it is to visit professors during office hours, or make appointments, but don't wait until the end of the semester as it could be too late. They want to help. They want to know if a student is struggling and cares enough to seek assistance. Getting to know each other goes a very long way.

For the best learning experience, tell your student to read all of the information in each class in Canvas, read the syllabus - twice, understand assignments and read the rubrics, and submit assignments on time.
The party is a lot more fun if the homework is done. Develop good habits now for success in the future.

Joanne Caione-Keating is pictured with her two daughters Jenna, a graduate from Widener in biomedical and mechanical engineering ('20) and Carly, a Widener accounting graduate with a minor in operations ('22).

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