Myra Legg with two sons and husband
Advice from Myra Legg, Executive Director of Individual Giving & Stewardship

Empower Your Student to Do It Themselves

Support your student in finding solutions to their problems, but don't try to fix it for them. Empower your student to do it for themselves.

Widener has lots of resources available for students, but they need to learn to be a self-advocate. Your student has many faces across campus cheering them on and ready to support them in their journey. Encourage them to tap into their support networks like their academic advisor, student success and support professionals, and even searching for what they need directly on myWidener.

Myra Legg is pictured with her husband and their sons—Wilson an undergraduate history major at the University of Delaware and Tommy a graduate student pursing a master's in business/art direction at Virginia Commonwealth University.

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