maria luiza
Advice from Maria Luiza Pinho, Assistant Professor, School of Business Administration

Be Patient. Trust the Process—They Will Succeed!

Be patient and understanding. Even if we want our children to be adults, be aware that they are not. Scientific studies show that our brains only exhibit signs of "adulthood" around 24 years old. I know it's crazy, but having a son with ADHD, social anxiety and depression showed me that our role is to support them, always.

  • Hug them.
  • Let them be a little childish.
  • Let them make mistakes and learn from them.
  • Help and support them.

It will not be an easy transition. Trust the process, and they will succeed! I wish you all the best!

Maria Luiza Pinho is pictured with her son, Paulo, a current Georgia State University student ('26). 

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